Loud + Clear

Director | 2018 | Music Video

Loud + Clear is a single from singer/songwriter Jess Starreveld’s album of the same title. It was originally conceived as a response to the inhumane way asylum seekers have been treated in Australia.

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Behind The Scenes
Project Details

Although Jess wrote the song several years ago, the world is still seeing the mistreatment of asylum seekers today. There are also many other groups in our community who are experiencing discrimination, and Jess’s intention is to highlight the many incredible people in our society who wish to change this by becoming a voice for the voiceless.


The music video was filmed at COMMUNE in Sydney, and joining Jess on vocals and keys are musicians Daniele Montarulo on violin and Harry Brus on bass. The clip also features fellow artists and advocates L Fresh The Lion, Thaylia, Bree Young, Ravi Prassad and Kitty Pang. The original track for Loud + Clear was produced by Michael McGlynn at Vienna People.



Jess Starreveld Official Website
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Song Credits

Music + Lyrics: Jess Starreveld
Vocals + Piano: Jess Starreveld
Violin: Jess Graham
Bass: Harry Brus
Producer: Michael McGlynn at Vienna People
Mixing: Michael McGlynn + David Richards
Mastering: William Bowden


Music Video Credits

Director: Tin Pang

Production Manager: Andrea Bedelis

1st AD: Harry Welsh

Director Of Photography: Martyn Taylor

1st AC: Charlie Slessar

Additional AC: Chantal Jack

Camera Attachment: Francesco Sansoni

Makeup/Stylist: Fox Wylde

Art Dept Assistant/Runner: Aaron Sloss

Editor: Andy Finn